Time To Replace Your Wig-Outre wigs

All things must be replaced eventually. Nothing lasts forever after all. You may be confused about the life expectancy of your wig. There isn’t exactly a hard deadline for hairpieces. You can own a wig for two years but only wear it twice. An everyday wig will deteriorate faster than a special occasion piece. What about when you aren’t wearing it – are you storing it properly? That’s an important piece of the longevity puzzle.

Without a set time, how exactly do you know when to replace your wig? Much like food beginning to spoil, you will spot signs your wig should be retired. If you notice one or more of the below indicators, it’s time to say goodbye.


Time To Replace Your Wig

Your wig no longer maintains its style.

outre wigs are expected to keep their style wear after wear. If it’s a curly wig, it should stay curly. If it’s straight, then that style should be straight. If you wash your synthetic wig and it no longer holds its original style, then it’s time for a new wig. Likewise, if your human hair wig can’t hold the day's style anymore, consider replacing it.





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